Collectible Summary for Nov 3 2010

A collection of stories from Paul Fraser Collectibles: Gold and silver coins hidden for years in a garage bring $88,000 in Philadelphia After reading this, you may decide that clearing out your garage isn’t such an unappealing idea after all… Read the Full Story >> Magnificent ‘Washlady’ dollar stars at Heritage’s $9.42m COINFEST auction The … Read more

Rare 1913 Liberty Head Nickel Sold for $3.7 Million in Auction

The following press release comes from Heritage Auctions: “(Orlando, Florida) — A rare U.S. nickel that was owned over the years by an infamous Egyptian King and a Los Angeles sports team owner, and was the centerpiece in an episode of a popular television series, sold for $3,737,500 in a public auction conducted in Orlando, … Read more

Precious Coin Prices

Precious-Coin Market May Lose Its Luster Financial News – Yahoo! Finance WallStreet Journal Saturday May 3, 2008 By Carolyn Cui “The gyrations in gold prices have upended the market for precious coins just as a lot of new investors have rushed in. Coin sales surged for most of the last year as the price of … Read more