Amelia Earhart Items up for Auction

Amelia Earhart

Next month during their Sept. 10/11, 2011 auction, Clars Auction Gallery will be featuring rare Amelia Earhart items including a pair of 1920s Luxor aviator goggles damaged in an early plane crash and 18 unpublished personal photographs belonging to the famed aviator. “So much mystery and speculation surrounds the life and disappearance of Amelia Earhart … Read moreAmelia Earhart Items up for Auction

Autographed Jimi Hendrix Guitar part of Red Baron Auction in November

Presidential items, to include a bench handmade by Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan’s College yearbook, to be sold November 6 – 7 by Red Baron in Atlanta; Auction could be red Baron’s biggest sale ever. Other items include a signed acoustic guitar played by Jimi Hendrix when he backed up The Monkees in 1967, and … Read moreAutographed Jimi Hendrix Guitar part of Red Baron Auction in November

Historian’s Collection up for Auction

(New York, New York) — Described as a collection people have waited for decades to come on the market, a colorful author and historian’s extensive multi-million dollar archive of important American manuscripts, maps, letters, early photographs, books and documents tracing America’s journey to the Wild West will be offered in a public auction conducted in … Read moreHistorian’s Collection up for Auction

Wreck of British Warship HMS Victory Discovered

Another sunken treasure story – gotta love them: Salvage crews find wreck of legendary British warship HMS Victory Yahoo! Canada News Sun Feb 1, 2009 “TAMPA, Fla. – Florida deep-sea explorers who found $500 million in sunken treasure two years ago say they have discovered another prized shipwreck: A legendary British man-of-war that sank in … Read moreWreck of British Warship HMS Victory Discovered