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0-9: $1,000 A Touchdown to 99 Women
A-Am: A Better Tomorrow to American Psycho
Am-Az: American Romance to Azumi
B-Bl: B’mbola to Black Magic Woman
Bl-By: Black Mama – White Mama to Bye Bye Vietnam
C-Ci: C’est La Vie to City of Women
Ci-Cy City of the Living Dead to Cyrano de Bergerac
D-De: D-Day, The Sixth of June to Devil’s Bride – Last Shot You
De-Dy: Devlin Collection to DysFunktional Family
E: E.T. The Extraterrestrial to Eyewitness
F-Fl: F For Fake to Fluffy
Fl-Fu: Fluke to Fuzzy Pink Nightgown
G-Go: G-Men Never Forget to Gold and the Girl
Go-Gy: Gold for the Caesars to Gypsy
H-Hi: H-Bomb to His Mouse Friday
Hi-Hy: His Name Was Sam Walsh to Hype!
I: I’d Rather Be Rich to Inner Sanctum
J: J-Men Forever to Juwanna Mann
K: K-19 The Widowmaker to Kwaidan
L-Li: L’Auberge Espagnole to Lion In Winter
Li-Lu: Lion In The Streets to Luv
M-Mi: M-2000 to Midnight Lace
Mi-My: Midnight Madness to Myth of Fingerprints
N: NBA Comic Relief to Nutty Professor 2
O: O’Hara’s Wife to Oxford Blues
P-Pl: P.J. to A Pleasant Journey
Pl-Py: Pleasantville to The Pyx
Q: Q & A to Quo Vadis
R-Ri: R P M to Richie Rich
Ri-Ry: Rickshaw Boy to Ryan’s Daughter
S-Se: S’Matter Pete to Set It Off
Se-Sl: Set-Up to Sleeping With The Enemy
Sl-St: Sleeping With Strangers to Star 80
St-Sy: Star Chamber to Synanon
T-Ti: T & A Team to Ticks
Ti-Ty: Tidal Wave to Tyson
U: U-571 to Uzak
V: V.I. Warshawski to Vulture
W-Wh: W Plan to Who Is He?
Wh-Wy: Who Is Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe? to Wyatt Earp
X: X – The Man With X-Ray Eyes to Xtro
Y: Y Tu Mama Tambien to Yum-Yum Girls
Z: Z.P.G. to Zulu

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