American Bottle Auction Results

BROWN’S CELEBRATED INDIAN HERB BITTERS BOTTLE BRINGS $36,960 AT INTERNET & CATALOG AUCTION HELD BY AMERICAN BOTTLE AUCTIONS It was just the 51st auction for the young firm, and it may have been their best sale ever. (SACRAMENTO, Calif.) – An outstanding, mint condition Brown’s Celebrated Indian Herb bitters bottle, patented Feb. 11, 1868, sold … Read more

Collectible Transistor Radios – Still Hot!

Rock and Roll and transistor radios – kind of a chicken and egg scenario and both benefited from the other, but which came first? 1954 seems to be the trigger year… From Wikipedia: “A transistor radio is a small portable radio receiver using transistor-based circuitry. Following their development in 1954 they became the most popular … Read more

Hot Collectibles – Vintage Toys

From comes the following story on vintage toys: Another day, another dollar (especially if you buy and sell collectibles at internet auction). This summer, consider dipping into your vintage porky piggy bank to buy some vintage toys. Think of these toys as potentially good investments – sort of like stocks, except you can play … Read more

Collectible Summary for Nov 3 2010

A collection of stories from Paul Fraser Collectibles: Gold and silver coins hidden for years in a garage bring $88,000 in Philadelphia After reading this, you may decide that clearing out your garage isn’t such an unappealing idea after all… Read the Full Story >> Magnificent ‘Washlady’ dollar stars at Heritage’s $9.42m COINFEST auction The … Read more

Superman Lunch Box goes for $11,865 at Auction

1954 Superman vs. The Robot Lunch Box in Mint Condition Sells for $11,865 at Multi-Estate Sale Held OCT. 22-24 by Philip Weiss Auctions (OCEANSIDE, N.Y.) – A 1954 Superman vs. The Robot lunch box in mint condition – widely regarded as the Holy Grail of rare and vintage lunch boxes – soared to $11,865 at … Read more

NeXT Cube – The “Next” Hot Collectible?

The world’s first web server. From Jonathan Hoenig and comes the following story: The NeXT Hot Collectible? “I’ve added another seemingly oddball collectible that — although now gathering dust in a closet — could end up a hot collectors’ item one day. As we wrote this fall, Steve Jobs’ leadership of Apple since 1996 … Read more

Rare Bride of Frankenstein Movie Poster

‘Who will dare’ to buy the rarest movie poster in the world? Only known original of the 1935 Bride of Frankenstein teaser at auction Released from the famed Todd Feiertag Collection; Graphic stunner could set world record, Nov. 12, with $700,000+ estimate; currently on view at Heritage Auctions Beverly Hills, 9478 West Olympic Boulevard BEVERLY … Read more

Tiffany Lamp sells for $135,600 at Auction

FABULOUS TIFFANY STUDIOS LEADED GLASS BRONZE FLOOR LAMP LIGHTS UP THE ROOM FOR $135,600 AT PHILIP WEISS AUCTIONS; SALE WAS HELD SEPT. 24-26 (OCEANSIDE, N.Y.) – A Tiffany Studios leaded glass bronze floor lamp lit up the room for $135,600 at a three-day multi-estate sale held Sept. 24-26 by Philip Weiss Auctions. It was the … Read more

Collectible Summary for October 26 2010

A collection of stories from Paul Fraser Collectibles: Only block to feature the rare US ‘Type 1b stamp’ sells for $50,000 Sold for comfortably above its pre-sale estimate was this US one cent blue block of four, with a fifth stamp attached. Dated to 1851, this is certainly no ordinary block; it happens to be … Read more

Autographed Jimi Hendrix Guitar part of Red Baron Auction in November

Presidential items, to include a bench handmade by Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan’s College yearbook, to be sold November 6 – 7 by Red Baron in Atlanta; Auction could be red Baron’s biggest sale ever. Other items include a signed acoustic guitar played by Jimi Hendrix when he backed up The Monkees in 1967, and … Read more

George Steinbrenner Letters up for Auction

Michael Schriner alerted us to this auction on eBay for a collection of letters written to his mother from 1949 to 1951 from the future New York Yankees boss. He pointed us to the following story on Sports Collector Daily: “Steinbrenner Letters Now on eBay A collection of half century year-old letters from a young … Read more

1943 Denver Mint Lincoln Copper Penny

Paul Fraser Collectibles reports on the sale of a rare 1943 Lincoln penny: ‘World’s most valuable penny’ brings $1.7 million for charity in the US A famous, one-of-a-kind Lincoln cent from World War Two has been sold by a New Jersey coin dealer for a record $1.7 million. The coin was mistakenly struck from the … Read more

Marvel Comics Collection

This post is mainly about what I think is an awesome collection of reproductions of vintage Marvel Comic Book covers and panels now being offered by AllPosters with sizes varying all the way up to a whoppin’ 42″ x 56″. Now that will fill your wall space! The blurb from AllPosters: “We are very excited … Read more

Tommy Hilfiger Estate Auction

Items from the estate of the iconic fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger will be auctioned without reserve on Sunday, September 26 by Vintage Galleries It is just the 5th sale for the firm, located in the heart of the antiques district in Stamford, Conn. (STAMFORD, Conn.) – Items from the estate of Tommy Hilfiger – the … Read more

Fiesta Ware

What’s in the Attic? by Linda Hamer Kennett (reprinted with permission) In 1936 the Homer Laughin Pottery Company, in collaboration with English potter Frederick Hurten Rhead, introduced what would become the most popular dinnerware of the 20th century. Offered originally in five colors and with a simple three ring pattern, it was an instant hit. … Read more

Betty Boop – BOOP-OOP-A-DOOP!

What’s in the Attic? by Linda Hamer Kennett (reprinted with permission) With a body modeled after May West and an attitude to rival Madonna’s, she has evolved into a cult figure with thousands of fans world wide. Although only a cartoon character, her obvious sensuality and her “I can do anything a man can do” … Read more

Carnival Glass

What’s in the Attic? by Linda Hamer Kennett (reprinted with permission) In the early 1900’s the art glass market was ruled by the Tiffany family. Beautiful and elegant, it was indeed “fit for a king”. The problem for the majority of the American public was, that you had to be a king to afford it! … Read more