Last Updated on 11/22/2005 by bidz

Proof High Relief Double Eagles

Heritage Coins also recently completed the sale of this $20 dollar gold coin on November 3rd, 2005, which went for an amazing $2,990,000.00 (including Buyer’s Premium):

“1907 Ultra High Relief, $20 Lettered Edge PR69 PCGS.

…The Ultra High Relief was the first coin to break the $200,000 price barrier and that was in the Ullmer Sale in 1974. The Ultra has few peers in terms of desirability and, in our opinion, none that compare in historic or numismatic importance. Its only rival is the 1933 double eagle, bookends in this widely collected series, and the only twenty dollar that is more valued than the Ultra High Relief–but then, only one 1933 is legal to own.”

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