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Autographed Jimi Hendrix Guitar part of Red Baron Auction in November

Presidential items, to include a bench handmade by Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan's College yearbook, to be sold November 6 - 7 by Red Baron in Atlanta; Auction could be red Baron's biggest sale ever. Other items include a signed acoustic guitar played by Jimi Hendrix...

Jimi Hendrix First Burnt Guitar

Hendrix's burnt guitar fetches near $500,000 at auction AFP Thursday, September 04, 2008 "LONDON - The first guitar that rock legend Jimi Hendrix burned on stage fetched $495,000 at an auction in London on Thursday. Also sold was the first management contract signed...


Hot Collectible NewsIs it collectible or collectable? A source for the latest news on hot collectibles and another eye on current trends and prices in the online auction world. We are always trying to answer that elusive question - What's Hot? Granted, it's hard to...

Steven Rosen – Rock Interviews

Go to Rosen Biography >> ][ Go to Musician Interview List >> I'll let Steven Rosen explain it himself : "I have been interviewing musicians for magazines (strictly freelance, I was never on the staff of any magazine) since about 1973. I have a library...


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