Fisher Price Collectible Toys Strike Again

Vintage Fisher Price Toys

Their Work was Child’s Play What’s in the Attic? Linda Hamer Kennett The Fisher Price Toy Company was formed in 1931 by Herman Fisher, Irving Price, and Helen M. Schelle. While none of the three had much experience in the field of toy manufacturing, they shared a vision to produce a line of toys that … Read moreFisher Price Collectible Toys Strike Again

George Steinbrenner Letters up for Auction

Michael Schriner alerted us to this auction on eBay for a collection of letters written to his mother from 1949 to 1951 from the future New York Yankees boss. He pointed us to the following story on Sports Collector Daily: “Steinbrenner Letters Now on eBay A collection of half century year-old letters from a young … Read moreGeorge Steinbrenner Letters up for Auction

Live Auctions vs eBay and Auction Trends

Bidders still after bargains By Richard Morrison, Financial Post November 26, 2009 “Jim Snider, auctioneer and owner of the Rockford Auction Centre in Owen Sound, Ont., says the prices realized for nearly all types of collectibles have been on the decline for about five years, but appear to have bottomed. Mr. Snider, a past president … Read moreLive Auctions vs eBay and Auction Trends

Fake Michael Jackson Autographs

It had to happen, the economics and scams following the death of a popular culture icon: Caution Urged on Michael Jackson Autographs, Memorabilia (Santa Ana, California) — Collectors and fans are cautioned about the anticipated explosion of fake Michael Jackson autographs and counterfeit memorabilia that will be offered following the entertainer’s death. “This happens every … Read moreFake Michael Jackson Autographs