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Knives tell a lot of stories

Author-collector owns 400 folding blade pieces of history

By Allen O. Pierleoni
Sunday, April 16, 2006

Knives are among the world’s most collectible of collectibles, and the niches that fascinate collectors are seemingly endless – antique Bowies, Egyptian daggers, Damascus fighters, Strider tacticals, San Francisco gentlemen’s, Khukuri Ghurkas and full-fantasy (think “Lord of the Rings”), just to touch the tip of the iceberg.

Michael Silvey knows a lot about knives. His vast collection includes 400 military folding knives made between 1810 and the mid-1940s.

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Cutting edge

“The display cases are filled with everything from the smallest antique pocketknives to blades that look more like swords. But these aren’t knives that will ever slice a steak or clean a fish; they’re works of art, pieces produced by master craftsmen, destined to hang on a wall or reside in a safe. The shop will attract the casually curious, but with prices of individual knives rising into the thousands of dollars – one particular knife, a Loveless, can be had for $200,000 – the customers who actually walk out with a knife and a receipt primarily will be serious collectors.”

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