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This one is a good story on the pros and cons of eBay selling and eBay drop off stores:

Yard sale at your fingertips

Auction drop-offs sell items online for you

Betty Beard
The Arizona Republic
Nov. 27, 2004

“Having eBay at your fingertips is like having an international garage sale.
… Not everyone will get rich, though.
Jeanne Lorch, who handles Internet sales for Merchant Square Antique Marketplace, said, “There is so much coming on (eBay) that only the rare items bring in money. Lots of time people bring in stuff hoping to make a fortune on it, and it’s not going for much.”

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Franchise cashing in on online auctions

Up to 6 stores may open in area to help sellers uncomfortable with navigating eBay.

By Madhusmita Bora
September 22, 2004

“If you’ve been wanting to sell online that doll grandma gave you at Christmas 30 years ago, but you are stuck with it because you are not eBay-savvy, your wait may soon be over. A 38-year-old Ohio-based financial consulting business owner recently bought the rights to open six QuikDrop eBay drop-off stores in the Indianapolis area. The stores, part of a growing chain of franchised locations, would open within 18 months, Kevin Frye said.

…”We find that it’s a difficult task to sell on eBay and make a living,” said Ina Steiner, editor of, an e-mail newsletter for the online auction industry. “There are a lot of challenges, and having a storefront brings overhead expenses when you are basically waiting for inventory to walk in. It’s not a proven business model yet.””

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