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An eBay Power Seller

Portsmouth Herald Local Business News
By Michael McCord

“PORTSMOUTH – Imagine you have a certain something that has taken up too much space in your living room, den or attic, and this certain something has lost its sentimental value or you need a quick money infusion.
Imagine if this certain something happens to be a 1938 Mills Cherry Burst Slot Machine – well, then, what can one do to sell it?

… It probably doesn’t hurt Lehman’s high rating that he goes to the homes of his potential clients to pick up the goods.
But there lies a method behind the extra service. Good service leads to repeat and referral calls.

…”The strangest thing I’ve ever sold was a Fada radio,” Lehman told me.
I had never heard of Fadas, a brand of plastic table-top radios from the 1940s.”

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