Finding Out What Movie Posters Are Worth

Finding Out What Movie Posters Are Worth
by Mark McCallister

Any movie fan with a personal link to a film should get the poster. One can even master the art of buying and selling posters as a business if not hobby. The sky’s the limit for the kinds of posters to collect. Follow your heart. It could be a specific genre or the kind of titles that you prefer. Anything’s possible so be your own judge. However check the rates being paid, to avoid paying a lot more than the actual value. Learn to decide on a suitable price for a particular poster.

There is no prescribed method for estimating accurate value or condition of a product like it is with most collectible products. The current market can determine the price of a poster, based on the number of buyers and sellers. There are certain factors to consider for estimating the value of posters.

Certain posters are rarely sold especially when only a few copies exist, that too in museums and private collections. Every time a rare poster comes up for sale, collectors scramble for it. The more easily found posters keep prices from appreciating.

Condition of the poster is directly related to how rare it is. If the poster is extremely rare, even the poorest condition will be acceptable. The condition alone can influence the price by thousands of dollars.

Condition Table
Mint: When the poster print is as good as new. For posters as old as 40 years, mint condition can seem like a dream come true.

Near-mint: The reality of mint condition. It’s about as good as it gets, minus fading, tears, tape stains, ink stains, pinholes, folds, etc. With folded sheets practically impossible, the folding alone does not classify it under near-mint condition. More likely to be found are rolled half sheet inserts and window cards for which folding is not acceptable.

A relatively good condition that is free of any major damage. However the definition of significant damage is a much-debated topic.

Very Good:
This refers to posters, which still possess bright colors to be appreciated. Framing may reduce the defects, which are bound to be visible.

A more damaged yet still presentable specimen that has a well-used appearance with prominent fold marks, fading and browning.

Where the damage is severe enough to erase parts of the image.

A total mess but capable of restoration in case of exceptional value.

Collecting movie posters can be alternatively thrilling and nightmarish. Fakes and reprints of originals can be difficult for even poster dealers to distinguish. Naturally the fakes will be worthless.

Thanks to technology, fakes have becomes extremely easy to reproduce. There are certain indications to identify outright fakes.

  • Printers’ names at the bottom of posters denote fakes. These are not to be mistaken for lithographers’ names that legitimate posters bear.
  • Zip codes on posters prior to 1960s are not possible, as the codes didn’t exist before 1960.
  • Low and bargain prices are likely to indicate reproductions and fakes.
  • Ensure that the dealer is a reputed one with a fairly long history in the business.

Fakes can also be identified on the basis of the size, graphic design, design and text integration, artists’ signatures, film title, featured actors and the marketability of the film.

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