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Lifelong tie

Times Union – Albany NY
By DAN HOWLEY, Staff writer
Sunday, April 27, 2008

“For more than five decades, Bob Mead has poured passion into creating detailed lures.

Bob Mead’s passion for tying flies started when he was a little boy, and by the time he reached his mid-20s, his work began to take on a realism that elevated it from ordinary to remarkable.

…Mead swivels in his chair by the workbench in his fly-tying lair, reaches up to a cluttered shelf and pulls out his original praying mantis. He gingerly lifts it from the glass enclosure in which it was posed on a twig. It looks so real, you expect it to turn its segmented head or raise its front legs as if to pray.

“I just turned down $1,500 for it,” says Mead, 65, who has filled countless orders to make ones just like it and donated many for auctions to raise money for conservation.”

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