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High school yearbook quest turned into a business

Sunday, July 30, 2006

“Capell has learned that high school photos of celebrities can make some yearbooks a hot property. “The one we look for,” he said, “is Glendale (Ariz.) High School 1928. That’s the Holy Grail here.”

That was the yearbook Glendale student Marion Michael Morrison — you may know him as John Wayne — picked up at the end of his senior year. And, as Capell noted, the Duke signed most of them. “It was a small class,” Capell said, “You can get about $500 for that one.”

Old yearbooks, those from the 1930s and 1940s, for example, generally do not sell as well as those from the ’60s and ’70s — fewer living alumni.

The yearbook he delights in showing off is the 1967 “El Rodeo” from the University of Southern California. It contains college photos of O.J. Simpson, Tom Selleck and the late John Ritter.”

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