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Still looking for that TMX Elmo (We’re watching them on eBay right now)? The question is – do you really need it? The following article offers some advice, plus reviews other hot toys, and some long lasting classics.

Get ’em while they’re hot
The most wanted toys for Christmas 2006
By Steve Arney

“Elmo T.M.X was an instant hit upon release in September for the Christmas-driven toy season. Brisk sales is one criterion that makes Elmo an obvious pick for Toy Wishes’ annual Hot Dozen toys. The magazine publishes twice a year, analyzing thousands of toys and highlighting favorites. It doesn’t issue negative reviews, so a mere mention of a toy by Toy Wishes is an endorsement.

Here are three pieces of advice offered by U.S. toy specialist Jim Silver for those trying to hunt down the hard-to-get 10th Anniversary Tickle Me Elmo (TMX Elmo).
– Make sure Elmo is right for your child
– Can you substitute?
– If you’re set on the TMX, get to know the retailer and find out shipment days.”

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