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Another story about the International Toy Collectors Association Roadshow:

Toys (and cash) in the attic

Journal Gazette | 03/24/2005 |
By Rick Farrant

“Roadshow stop attracts buyers, sellers of vintage playthings.

George McCurley, senior vice president of the Illinois-based association, said his organization represents 5,400 toy collectors throughout the world who are willing to pay, in some instances, thousands of dollars for such things as antique toy trains, trucks, dolls, mechanical banks, fishing lures, musical instruments, celebrity-related promotional items and miniature furniture.”

How it works:

“McCurley said the business of buying antique toys goes like this: The association has a large database that includes static bids from collectors on what they’d be willing to pay for an item. The highest bid generally determines what is offered to the seller and which collector gets the toy, although bidding is sometimes reopened on rare, expensive items.

McCurley said he and his staff work strictly on salaries paid through association dues. That, he said, eliminates the need for profit margins and the kind of pressured sales that result from commissions.”

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