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Joe DiMaggio’s diaries are up for sale

Yahoo! News
By PAT MILTON, Associated Press Writer
Mon July 16, 2007


…a 2,000-page, 29-volume collection of the New York Yankees icon’s diaries, meticulously handwritten between 1982 and 1993, which are now being offered for sale. The pages, in plastic protective sheets, are contained in thick, black loose-leaf binders that were kept stacked in the closet of DiMaggio’s lawyer.

…The bidding on the diaries is to begin at $1.5 million; the auction, by Steiner Sports Marketing, closes July 25.”

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You can view and bid on the diaries directly on the Steiner Sports Marketing website here:
Steiner Sports Marketing: Joe DiMaggio Diaries

An excerpt from their site:

“Steiner Sports is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Joe DiMaggio diaries. The coveted diaries were commenced in 1981 and continued through 1993. They captured some of Joe DiMaggio’s deepest and personal thoughts.

The Diaries were originally started as a tax record and a way to track Joe’s spending throughout the year; over time Joe found himself using the diaries as a way to convey his feelings and emotions. The legend of Joe DiMaggio transcends his performance on the baseball field; the diaries illustrate a man with a tireless work ethic and compassion for those in need.”