Lionel Train Car Pricing

We recently received an email from a reader asking: “How valuable is my old Lionel train car with the Uncle Sam “I Want You” illustration on the side?”

Not much to go on without a product number, but we did track down a Buy it Now on eBay listed as “Lionel Uncle Sam Box Car – #6-7700 – 1975” with a price of US $59.00.

As far as price guides go for Lionel Train products, Allan W. Miller (managing editor of Antique Trader Books) writes on that, “In the area of Lionel train collecting, there are two respected, affordable, and long-established guides that are considered to be the most comprehensive and authoritative: TM’s Lionel Price & Rarity Guide (two volumes) and Lionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-2010 (Greenberg’s Pocket Price Guide Lionel Trains). Both are updated and published annually, and each has, over many years, developed a devoted following.”

The Greenberg guide is available through the link above from Amazon, and it looks like the TM guide is no longer updated (see Used copies are available on Amazon, though -follow this link: TM’s Lionel Price & Rarity Guide.

For some current live auctions for Lionel train products, see our previous post here >>.

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