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Sept. 4, 1957: Short, Unhappy Life of the Edsel
By Tony Long

“In an industry celebrated for its spectacular failures, the Edsel still takes the cake. Although as mechanically sound as other Ford products, the car was criticized from Day One for being too ugly, too expensive and vastly overhyped.

The 1958 Edsel was intended to be an intermediate-level brand, bridging the gap between the cheaper Fords and pricier Mercurys and Lincolns. The most-affordable Edsel (the Ranger) cost 70 bucks less than Ford’s top-end Fairlane, while the most-expensive model (the Citation) cost more than a Mercury Montclair.

…In one of those little logic-defying ironies, the Edsel today is a prized collector’s item, fetching as much as $200,000 for a rare 1960 convertible.”

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