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Prized tobacco silk quilt is early 20th-century collectible

Saturday, April 12, 2008
Khristi Zimmeth: Trash or treasure?

“My grandmother was getting ready to sell this quilt in a garage sale for a very small amount,” Lori Matthes of Monroe remembers. “I saw the quilt and told her that I wanted it and not to sell it. She told me very little about it other than that the squares it is made from were given away with cigarettes. The squares are from various countries and have Nebo cigarettes stamped at the bottom of each one.

…”(David McCarron) I’m not sure where this is at the moment in the collectibles curve,” he said. “I’d protect it and be careful to stabilize it so there’s no deterioration.”

He appraised the piece at $300-$500, much more than the price her grandmother almost put on it. ”

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