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What’s it Worth?

Murray County News
March 23, 2005

“When it comes to antique and collectible items, opinions are divided: either it’s a worthless piece of junk or it is a valuable, treasured object. Some people place great intrinsic, sentimental value on their items, while others do not recognize them for any worth.

Whatever the opinion, collecting antiques is as popular as it ever has been and promises to remain that way.”

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From this story, some of the opinions on what to watch for:

…old oil paintings, Flow B lue China, wave glass, Austrian, German and French figurines and porcelain, LaLique glass, wool penny rugs, small chests and old Native American pieces, Native American photos, jewelry, and leather attire, books and signed paper goods, mission oak furniture, and pine and oak primitive furniture.

…postcards, Nippon china, doll dishes, early children’s books, souvenirs and depression glass.

…Toys, both old and new, painted furniture and advertising pieces.