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Fresno’s ‘Baseball card Granny’ puts rare item up for sale

1869 Cincinnati Red StockingsTuesday, Jan. 20, 2009
By Mike Osegueda / The Fresno Bee

“Digging a rare 1869 baseball card out of a box has taken local antique shop owner Bernice Gallego from the pages of the New York Times to Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show” as the “baseball card Granny.”

Next up is parting ways with the card. An auction to sell the card started Tuesday, the same day Gallego, 72, appeared with Leno.

The 1869 baseball card features a photo of the Cincinnati Red Stockings.

The auction, on, will last 21 days and started at $10.”

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UPDATE: As of noon on January 25, 2009, the bid is sitting at $26,573.00.
UPDATE: it looks like the final price was $64,073.00.

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