Recently, we were introduced to ArtFact which is an impressive online service that should be in every art and antique collector or dealers arsenal. Their full database contains over 6 million objects from over 500 auction houses.

“Artfact is a true one-stop information resource for answering the universal questions relating to antiques and art: What is it? How much could it be worth? Who made it? Where does it come from? Where can I get one like it? Who should sell mine?

Artfact Auction records show you the complete description and contents available from the original auction house catalog entry, often including:
– Auction title, date, and auctioneer
– Estimated value of object
– Provenance of the object
– Research notes about the object’s history and its artist/maker
– Photo(s) of object
– Actual selling price of the object
– Exhibits and literature about the object”

It’s a subscription based service. They also have a free service to give you a taste, which lets you search more than 30,000 objects for sale at Upcoming Auctions at the world’s leading auction houses.

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