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Take the old ball game home with collectibles

The Enquirer
Saturday, March 18, 2006

“As America’s favorite pastime, baseball is a diverse and rich field for collectibles. It offers choices for collectors with little money and those with deep pockets.

The ubiquitous baseball card is an easy way to enter the market, although rare baseball cards can bring a hefty price. Today, you can buy last year’s entire set of 1,000 major league cards for under $40, while a Pete Rose rookie card will cost $600-$800. An old tobacco trading card of Honus Wagner, one of baseball’s greatest shortstops, brought more than $1.2 million at auction.”

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Home-Run Collectibles
Home-Run Collectibles
Missy Sullivan

“In a field beset with bogus material, how do you know if something is quality? It’s all in the details, of course. Herein, veteran memorabilia maven Marshall Fogel conducts a clinic on what to look for in different categories of baseball collectibles.”

They go on to cover baseball cards, bats, and photographs.

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A really great story, and some amazing prices for previous record setting baseballs from Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds:

Dodger Fan Tries to Corner Bonds Market

A banker buys out the right-field bleachers for two games, hoping to get the Giant’s 700th home run. | LA’s WB | Television Los Angeles |
By Ben Bolch
Times Staff Writer
September 16, 2004

“Six months ago, the Dodgers sold Michael Mahan nearly $25,000 worth of tickets. Now, like an unwelcome home run ball hit by a visiting player, they’d like to throw the whole deal back.
Mahan, 28, a Los Angeles investment banker and lifelong Dodger fan, bought every seat in Dodger Stadium’s right-field pavilion for two of the last three games of the season against the San Francisco Giants, gambling that Giant slugger Barry Bonds would hit his historic 700th home run into his seats in one of the games.”

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