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Fitzsimmons memorabilia valued at $30,000
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“July 16, 2001 – A collection of fight memorabilia featuring the legendary Bob Fitzsimmons has been valued at an astonishing $30,000 in New York. The collection, which was discovered hidden away in a cabin stove 30 years ago, includes some truly exceptional items which date back over a century.

The collection, which dates from 1896-1900, featured the American flag-styled belt worn by legendary 19th century champion; a photo of Fitzsimmons wearing the belt; the American flag that the English-born Fitzsimmons pulled from the belt and waved victoriously over his head after winning the title from Jim Corbett; a contract signed by Fitzsimmons; a speed bag owned and used by Fitzsimmons; news clippings and photographs documenting his career; and other related memorabilia. ”

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