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A massive collectible auction that will be held in Ontario around September 16th, 2005:

Mother of all yard sales

Collection worth nearly $2 million

Monte Sonnenberg – SIMCOE REFORMER
Friday September 02, 2005

“DELHI –– One of the finest collections of antiques and memorabilia in North America will go up for auction in two weeks between Simcoe and Delhi.
The sale will be held over four days at the home of Tom and Marlene Stackhouse, of RR 1 Delhi.
For nearly 45 years the pair have accumulated rare, one-of-a-kind items. Most are related to the automotive, tire and petroleum industry. The collection, which has an estimated value of nearly $2 million, has been divided into 3,500 lots.
The collection is so extensive and important that it warrants its own 225-page, full-colour catalogue. The Stackhouses have given the job to RM Auctions Inc. of Bleinheim, Ont.
“Tom’s interests were wide, and his eye refined,” the RM catalogue says. “Never before have the words ‘original,’ ‘rare,’ and ‘mint condition’ held more true or been used more frequently than in the descriptions of the Stackhouse collection.”

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