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Does Bazooka Joe have star power?
Former Disney CEO wants to put the ’50s icon into movies, TV, etc.
November 7, 2007
By David Lieberman
USA Today

“NEW YORK — Don’t choke on your bubble gum when you hear what former Walt Disney chief executive Michael Eisner has in mind for Topps, the 69-year-old trading card and candy company just acquired for $385 million by a consortium he led.

Eisner wants Topps to create a movie, TV, Internet and publishing franchise around Bazooka Joe, the eye-patch-wearing kid who was introduced in 1953 on the waxy comics that wrap Topps’ Bazooka bubble gum.”

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Since Topps Chewing Gum was founded in 1938, the company — now known as Topps — has become an international force in candy, trading cards and memorabilia.