Last Updated on 10/9/2005 by bidz

A reader writes:

” I have 2 sets of NHRA cards. One says official drag champs American hot rod association AHRA set of 63 mint. Next set says AHRA drag nationals set of 70 bottom of card says Fleer limited Don Mills Ontario. I was wondering what they are worth?”

We looked through the completed eBay auctions and found this listing:
“AMERICAN HOT ROD ASSOCIATION CARDS – 5 card lot, all different, in EXCELLENT condition.”
These ones went for .99 cents plus $2.50 shipping.

And then this listing which would seem to be more indicative of the price the reader could expect (and these ones were only in Good to Very Good condition):

“You are bidding on a set of 30, 1970 American Hot Rod Association (AHRA) Drag Racing Cards that were printed by Fleer Ltd. of Don Mills, Ontario.
The cards are primarily in Good to Very Good condition. Surfaces are smooth, most corners have tiny amounts of softening. A few (mainly the 4 doubles) show some creasing, but for the most part these cards have sat untouched in a shoebox for many years!
There are 4 doubles.”
Final price: US $53.33 with 5.00 shipping with 11 bids

So you can do the math, given that the reader has full sets in mint condition, and there seems to be a demand for them given the amount of bids.