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Ron Greer looks for ways to ‘amp’ up his collection

Guitar Guru |
Published February 28, 2008

“Serious collectors often go to great lengths to add to their collections. They might search flea markets, trade days, yard and estate sales or even shop at stores offering collectibles for sale. But there is one place many collectors overlook when searching out their collectibles, and that is pawn shops.

…While there have been many guitar makers, Greer specializes in three major brands, Gibson, Martin and Fender.

“The value of guitars which I collect, buy and sell can be surprising,” Greer said. “They can bring anywhere between several hundred dollars to $14,000 or $15,000.”

“There’s a very good chance that an average person could have a valuable guitar laying around their houses. It’s just not that unusual to find vintage guitars left in estates, and most people have no idea of their worth,” Greer said.”

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