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Coin Auction Brings More than $11 Million

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Friday, November 03, 2006

“With more than 7,500 different coin lots being auctioned off from Heritage Auction Galleries, the Signature and Online auction held October 24 – 25 brought more than $11 million. The Signature portion of the auction, containing 3,693 lots, was held at the Heritage headquarters in Dallas, Texas, while the Online auction feature the remaining 3,920 lots.

…Highlights from this rare currency auction include: a 1776 Continental Dollar, which sold for $138,000; an 1856 Flying Eagle Cent, which sold for $13,800; a 1795 Half Dime, which sold for $12,650; a 1937 Buffalo Three-Legged Nickel, which sold for $7,475; and a 1793 American Chain Cent, which sold for $6,900.”

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