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Collection of rare pennies fetches $10.7 million

A Van Nuys man parts with his stash and draws collectors from around the world to Long Beach auction.

Los Angeles Times
By Susannah Rosenblatt and Joel Rubin, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
February 17, 2008

“Even the untrained eye could tell: This $3.01 in pennies was much more than spare change. By the end of Friday night’s auction in Long Beach, Walter Husak’s rare American penny collection had fetched a cool $10.7 million.

And the top price tag of $632,500 each for two 18th-century coins broke rare penny sales records. Husak’s collection dates from the days of Washington and Jefferson, 1793 to 1814, with rare pieces including cents from 1793 that depict a startled-looking Lady Liberty, her hair blowing wildly behind her.”

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