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Phelps trading card skyrockets in value to $500

Financial News – Yahoo! Finance
Thursday August 14, 6:33 pm ET
By Paul J. Weber, Associated Press Writer
Once-ignored Phelps trading card now the industry’s hottest; experts say price could hit $1K

“DALLAS (AP) — Chalk up another remarkable feat for Michael Phelps: somehow making swimming trading cards popular.

An autographed 2004 trading card of the record-shattering Olympian was trading for as much as $500 on Thursday, just two weeks after industry experts say the collectible could be easily had for $25.”

A Donruss spokesman was quoted as saying that “Donruss produced about 300 of the autographed Phelps cards in 2004 and about 5,000 “common” cards not bearing the American swimmer’s autograph.”