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Buying blind builds excitement | Features | /2008/02/26/
By Gary C.W. Chun

Hawaii collectors line up for the newest French Dunny figures

“Wanna buy a Dunny? Collectible French Dunny designer toys went on sale Thursday at a trading party at Kaimuki’s Urbanz Toys, one of 27 stores worldwide chosen by maker Kidrobot to carry the toys.

Kidrobot is known for its limited-edition art toys and apparel that merge urban street trends, fashion and pop art. In fact, the Museum of Modern Art in New York acquired 13 Kidrobot toys late last year to add to its collection.

…Kidrobot has made much of its reputation on the Dunny. The company carefully watches over the line, from designer to producer to retail stores in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami. The 3-inch, bunnylike toys are a hit because of their collectible value, as artists use them like a blank canvas for their unique designs.”

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