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Dec 13, 2020 | Trading Cards

Pokémon SM Black Star Ishihara GX

Pokémon SM Black Star “Ishihara GX” Promotional Trading Card

Pokémon SM Black Star Ishihara GXAn extremely rare Pokémon SM Black Star “Ishihara GX” promotional trading card, graded PSA 8 Near Mint/Mint, one of only about 60 copies in existence and just the fourth copy to ever reach the market, sold for $50,600 in a two-day, online-only auction held November 19th-20th by Weiss Auctions. The card was the top lot in a sale that totaled $675,000.

The Pokémon Black Star card was issued in 2017 and was only given out to Pokémon Company International employees, at TPCi President Tsunekazu Ishihara’s 60th birthday celebration. The cards were personally handed out by Ishihara himself. Today, most of the cards are in the hands of employees who are not permitted to sell them. The card was illustrated by artist Mike Cressy.

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