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Vintage 1966 Concert Poster Sells for $5,324 in Rock Art Poster Auction

Backstage Auctions wraps up their second annual Rock Art Poster Auction with some amazing results for some of rock’s most historical concert posters.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) August 31, 2006 -– The 2006 Rock Art Poster may be closed but the buzz surrounding the auction for some of rocks most collectible posters is still echoing around the world. The auction, which featured over 1,000 historic rock concert posters, represented four decades of music from the early days of the San Francisco music scene to current day artists.

“There were quite a few posters in the auction that yielded some higher than expected results, such as the 1966 Family Dog “Euphoria” poster, which sold for $5,324,” explains Jacques van Gool, Backstage Auctions co-founder. The poster promoted a two day concert at the famous Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco featuring The Daily Flash, The Rising Sons, The Charlatans and Big Brother & The Holding Company. The value of this poster isn’t so much the bands that were performing, although that certainly can be a factor for vintage concert posters, but rather the rarity of this poster and the number in circulation.

While the San Francisco psychedelic posters for the Avalon and Fillmore are more widely known and recognizable, the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, Michigan, also has a very strong collectors market. Featured in the auction was the very first Grande Ballroom, “The Seagull”, poster from1966 which sold for $3,327.50. Other Grande Ballroom posters, which featured artists such as The Doors, Cream, The Who and Jimi Hendrix, also yielded sale prices in the thousands.

“These historical pieces of rock art remain to be living proof of an era that simply will not be forgotten in rock and roll history. The vintage poster auctions have become one of our favorite events to host and we hope to continue with an annual poster auction for years to come,” explains van Gool.

Results for the 2006 Rock Art Poster Auction can be found on the company website and in the coming weeks a selection of unsold posters will be made available to the public for direct purchase from the company’s online store.

Backstage Auctions is preparing to announce the dates for their next big auction which will feature the personal collection of Howard Kaylan – The Turtles, Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention, Flo & Eddie and Alice Cooper just to name a few.

Backstage Auctions is a leading online auction company specializing in rock and roll memorabilia direct from the private collections of music industry professionals. Founded on the principles of combining their clients’ career achievements and popularity with the demand and interest of collectors and fans who desire truly authentic and unique collectibles, Backstage Auctions is the place where rock legends live on.

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