Soaring Art Market

The Klimt Sensation: A Mona Lisa for America

June 26, 2006
By Thomas Huetlin, Ulrike Knofel and Joachim Kronsbein

“Early last week painter Gustav Klimt’s “Gold Adele” became the most expensive painting of all time, but for how long? At the British auction house Sotheby’s, the record sale triggered a boom in a seemingly out-of-control art market.

…New buyers from Russia, India and China have been especially quick to pay record prices…”

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1 thought on “Soaring Art Market

  1. Thank you for helping me keep up with the going trends…
    As I am often speculating, and buying old and wonderful to sell, anything
    that can keep me from buying stuff, that is out of favor, is appreciated..
    thanks. keep up the good work….jane

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