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Da Babe weighs in on the state of sports card collecting:

As hobby continues to evolve, fun is in eye of collector

The Telegraph Online
Babe Waxpak
Published: Sunday, Aug. 7, 2005

“Fun is in the eye of the collector. Folks collect for many different reasons, and those buying packs today are a lot different than they were even 20 years ago and certainly much different than the baby boomers who collected in the 1950s. In today’s marketplace, I’m not so sure that collecting for pure fun is at the top of the chart for many who purchase sports cards – that is unless you consider pulling a nice insert that can be sold on the Internet “fun.”

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Ken Karrson gives more of his personal favorites of sport cards to watch for:

More oddballs and ends

Northwest Indiana News: – Sports
Ken Karrson’s Memorabilia Column
By Ken Karrson / Times Sports Writer
October 17, 2004

– O-pee-Chee WHA hockey, 1974-78
– DePaul University playing cards, 1987
– Ace Fact Pack, 1987
– USC Trojans disks, 1974

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Ken Karrson points out some sports cards to watch for:

An odd(ball) way of collecting

Northwest Indiana News: – Sports Memorabilia
Ken Karrson / Times Sports Writer
October 3, 2004

– 1981 and ’82 Donruss golf
– 1984 and ’85 USFL football
– 1996 ROOX football

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