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How valuable is a mint-condition Sports Illustrated?
Dwight Chapin
Monday, July 11, 2005

“Cards, autographs and player memorabilia have generated most of the headlines in sports memorabilia lately, but there’s another passionate wing of the hobby that deserves some attention:

That is magazine collecting.

…Two 1955 issues, featuring Willie Mays and Al Rosen on the covers, also contain cards, and retail for about $125 and $65, respectively.

Among other popular and expensive issues, according to Ross, are ones with a 1955 Ted Williams cover, $175; a 1964 Muhammad Ali (“He was still Cassius Clay at the time,” Ross said), $150; a 1956 Mickey Mantle, $150, and a 1970 Steve Prefontaine (the late track star), $100. ”

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