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No, that’s not eBay — it’s your Uncle Sam

The federal government is refining ways to make it easier to sell its surplus property to bargain-hunters on the Internet
By Melissa Harris
Sun Reporter
Originally published November 6, 2005

“Want to buy a helicopter? Or one of 288 diamonds seized from a crooked insurance tycoon? A rickety surgical table gathering dust at Fort Meade? Or even a strip club in Fells Point?

At one time or another, all of these items have had one thing in common: Uncle Sam sold them on the Internet, an up-to-date way for the government to unload seized or surplus property.

…This fall, the federal government finished improvements to its Internet sales portal (, which directs users to more than 100 Web sites hawking items to the public – from archived American folk music recordings to Lamborghinis once driven by drug lords.

From the main page, a user who clicks on “Souvenirs,” then “Unusual Items,” can choose from a list that includes “Nixon Watergate Records” at the National Archives and “Collectible Coins” from the U.S. Mint.”

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