Last Updated on 8/31/2006 by bidz

Vintage Barbies, Green Ears and All, Go on Sale at Christie’s Europe
By Linda Sandler

“Aug. 30 (Bloomberg) — Mattel Inc.’s Barbie dolls, with retail sales of about $3 billion a year, get their first solo auction at Christie’s International in London on Sept. 26. Collectors should watch out for oily faces and green ears as the plastic fashion icons age.

Barbie was launched in 1959 by Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler, and is collected by about 100,000 adults and teenagers, according to Mattel. Vintage Barbies trade on EBay, which is owned by EBay Inc., and at doll auctions, and now a Dutch holding of about 4,000 dolls — many in good shape — has enabled Christie’s to schedule a dedicated Barbie sale.”

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