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I’ve been watching the server log files, and have noticed a huge interest in Vintage Concert T-Shirts. Looks like a hot collecting trend right now. I’ve added a page to track eBay auctions for Concert T-Shirts (either link will take you there).

I also posted a news story pointer earlier, which can be accessed here – Vintage Concert T-Shirts.

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Fashion that rocks

By T.J. Banes
August 31, 2004

“Vintage concert T-shirts are fashionable — and valuable.

Fads come and go, but “rock and roll is here to stay.”
Danny and the Juniors told us that in 1958.
…Some of the “super-deluxe” shirts — much sought after because of their age and the desirability of the band — are selling on eBay for up into the hundreds of dollars. A shirt from 1981’s “Day on the Green Tour” at the Oakland (Calif.) Coliseum with Heart, Loverboy and Ozzy Osbourne can bring in $81; and a Rolling Stones North American Tour T-shirt from the same year can bring in $300.”

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