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Antiques Roadshow FYI Launches Online

“The producers of Antiques Roadshow proudly present Antiques Roadshow FYI, a spin-off series of half-hour programs packed with as much suspense and information as the wildly popular original. Antiques Roadshow FYI airs weekly beginning Wednesday, January 19, 2005 at 8pm ET on PBS and is available online at

Hosted by Antiques Roadshow’s Lara Spencer with correspondent Clay Reynolds, Antiques Roadshow FYI’s magazine-style episodes give viewers tools to enrich and improve their own treasure hunts and answer the many questions raised by Roadshow: What happens to the stuff you appraise after the owners leave the convention hall? Where can I go to get the best deals? What’s a hot collectible right now? Not to mention, what do the appraisers collect themselves?

The recently-launched Antiques Roadshow FYI Web site features a preview clip of the new series as well as the opportunity to:

Learn the fate of a rare Beatles album in Roadshow Updates.

Discover what item keeps movie memorabilia expert Rudi Franchi combing flea markets and yard sales in Missing Masterpieces.

What is the best way to examine ceramics? Learn the finer points of Ceramic Damage Detection in the Tips section.

Get choice advice from veteran collector Michael Flanigan on how to make the most of visits to big antiques fairs in the Features section.

Peruse a list of upcoming antiques events across the country in FYI.

Log on to the Antiques Roadshow FYI Forum to share antiquing tips and personal stories with fans of the show and other collecting aficionados.

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