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Bonds 715th Home Run Ball On The Auction Block
July 24, 2006

“SEATTLE — The subject of Barry Bonds never gets old to some people.

New Seattle internet startup company Mpire and Bay Area online marketplace eBay are co-hosting the 10-day, internet auction for Bonds’ 715th home run ball, the one that sent the San Francisco Giants slugger past Babe Ruth and behind Hank Aaron on the career homers list. Bidding began Monday afternoon.”

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As of the time of this post, it was sitting at US $130,100.00 with 44 bids. Which is considerably more than what Tri-Star Productions, a Houston-based collectibles firm was offering for it before it was hit. We posted an article about that back on May 15th.

UPDATE: One and a half days to go (Aug. 1, 2006) – 47 bids sitting at US $137,500.00

The auction ended on Aug. 3rd at US $220,100.00 with 69 bids.