Beanie Babies are Hot – Not!

Sep 8, 2004 | Collectibles | 0 comments

Once-hot Beanies a marked-down fad – the Edge
By Lauren Beckham Falcone
Monday, September 6, 2004

“Thought you’d make a fortune? Oh, ‘Baby’!: Once-hot Beanies a marked-down fad.
Like Planet Hollywood and low-fat diets, Beanie Babies – those lovable, stuffed toys so popular back in the ’90s – never really lived up to their promises.
…”I can’t even give them away,” said Mark Rimbach, owner of about 40 Beanie Babies.
…”Warner was smart,” she said. “But even in a hundred years, the market will still be oversaturated. A collectible is worth something if it is rare.”

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