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You gotta love buried treasure stories:

A nose for history leads to amazing discoveries – Farmingdale, NJ
Metal detection efforts reveal coveted inaugural buttons at N.J. sites
BY JODI SWAIN Correspondent

“Ralph Phillips is eager to set eyes on his piece of the treasure on the DVD release of the 2004 movie “National Treasure” this month.

Both Phillips, of Whiting, and the film’s Ben Gates (played by Nicolas Cage) possess rare 1789 George Washington inaugural buttons. While Gates gives his to Abigail Chase, the beautiful National Archives conservator in the film, Phillips has other plans for his.

…Phillips typically walks up to 25 miles a day while detecting and has a reputation for good fortune. According to Dr. Garry Stone, senior historic preservation specialist with the state, the farms in Burlington County may have been the sites of military encampments during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.”

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