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The ‘My Pet Goat’ saga continues here, on eBay

York Daily Record
Monday, July 19, 2004

“So, now, the rest of the story can be told.
First, though, a correction. About a week and half ago, I related the plot of the first half of ‘The Pet Goat,’ the story the president was reading with a class in a Florida elementary school when he was informed about the second plane hitting the World Trade Center.

…The book has been in great demand. The Miami Herald reported last week that, which sells the textbook for $37.50, has it on order and won’t get copies until later this month. The newspaper reported copies are selling for as much as $32 on eBay, but a check of the auction service turned up two copies last week, one selling for $49.99 and another for $59.95.”

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