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Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times has a great story on how CGC (Certified Guaranty Co.) has changed the face of comic book collecting for better or worse. While bringing a standard to the grading of collectible comic books, and promoting a validity and confidence for investors, it might have taken away the main reason for owning a book – to actually read it.

We actually understand the mindset, though – there are enough reprints and reader copies to be able to enjoy the book, while experiencing the thrill of having that pristine copy that everyone covets. But, we also know that the collectible market relies on having an active market of collectors – is the current generation going to sustain the interest in moving this market forward in the future?

Holy plastic slab!

Los Angeles Times
By Geoff Boucher
August 21, 2007

“Remember when comic books were considered too juvenile to be read? Now it appears that they have become too valuable to be touched.

…The CGC success story is not based on just the plastic “coffins” — it’s also the company’s introduction of a 25-point scale for grading the condition of comics. That new standard has brought a precision to the once-subjective hobby that has inspired a wave of investments by non-collectors. In other words, lots of people who don’t know the difference between Green Lantern and Green Arrow are now buying slabbed comics and putting them in safe-deposit boxes.”

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