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King of ’61: the 300G

CLASSICS | Most powerful U.S. car that year is at top of the class, and worth lots if in great shape

April 7, 2008
Chicago Sun-Times Auto Editor

“Chrysler’s 1955 300 coupe was America’s first mass-produced 300-horsepower car and was its first big, brash, luxurious 300 “letter-series” model. The 300s had become a strong Chrysler image builder by 1961, when the new 300G model arrived as the America’s most powerful car with its 375-horsepower V-8.

…Count your blessings if your garage houses a 300G in excellent condition. No other 1961 American car compares to it. The 300G came as a $5,411 coupe and $5,841 convertible, making them Chrysler’s most costly models. But a 300G coupe now is valued at $72,000 and the convertible is at $159,925 if in top shape, says the Collectible Vehicle Value Guide.”

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