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Old toys bring out inner child

Statesville Record & Landmark
By Russell Ledbetter
Sunday, December 9, 2007

“Toys are a really hot market right now,” said Jimmy Josey of Statesville’s The Shop: Antiques and Collectibles said. “I’ve got a few. And I sell a lot of antique toys.”

Josey resells toys made by classic toymakers, including Tonka, Buddy-L, Structo and Nylint. The antique and collectible merchant lists the 1969-1971 era “Beach Bomb” purple Volkswagen van made by Hot Wheels as one of the more valuable toys on today’s market. The “Beach Bomb” listed for $17,000 recently on eBay, Josey said.

“Oh, if I had one I’d put it on eBay and let the professional football and baseball players bid on it,” he said. “They’re the ones paying the ridiculous prices right now.”

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