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Saturday March 12, 2005
The Guardian
Toby Walne reports

“The massive fledgling mobile phones of the 80s were objects of fun until recently; now they are sought-after collector’s items which can fetch hundreds of pounds each.

Yuppies are getting their revenge with the ‘brick’ mobile phones of the 80s becoming collectable investments.

These huge fledgling mobiles may be impractical but a wave of nostalgia for those bygone days of red braces is helping values rocket.
Until recently, the earliest models were treated as useless relics, but well-preserved phones now fetch 100 pounds (about 190.00 U.S.) or more and experts predict prices will soar much higher.

The hot list:

Motorola Traveller Phone
Motorola Dynatec 8000x (We saw one of these today, Feb 27 2011 with 18 bids sitting at US $3,294.76 with 7 days to go still), Motorola Dynatec 8500x and 8800
Ericsson GH 172
The People’s Phone: A Japanese pink mobile phone model CTN 7000
The “Mars bar” Sony: model DX100
Motorola Startac
Nokia “banana phone” 8110 and 2110

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