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Antique appraisal often more about stories than cash

Budgeteer News – Duluth, Minnesota
Friday, January 21st, 2005

“If people have no use for an antique and don’t know its value they can end up selling it in a rummage sale or giving it away, he said.
Gerald Lind, of Proctor, knows that antique and collectible fact quite well, but he is on the buyer’s end.
At a rummage sale about 20 years ago, he purchased an old toaster for about $6 that his sister said she didn’t need. But when he began researching its worth, he realized it could be worth about $1,000, he said.
The toaster was made in the 1920s by Winchester (a rifle and gun manufacturer), which brings its worth up considerably, Shershon said.
Over time, gun companies have had rocky times and have branched out into other markets, and the fact the toaster was made by Winchester makes it a rarity in the old toaster field, he said.”

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